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Emerald City exists in a world where there have been superhuman costumed adventurers since at least World War II. However, unlike Freedom City on the East Coast, home of the world’s premier super team, The Freedom League, Emerald City has had no super powered activity for over twenty years. That’s about to change when the campaign begins, with an event that will come to be known as the Silver Storm.

The Silver Storm will be the origin event for any Emerald City character with innate super powers. I would like at least two or three PCs to have the Silver Storm as their origin event (Complication: Stormer). PCs that do not originate from the Silver Storm must be of a High-tech (Battlesuit, Gadeteer, etc.), Non-Human (Extraterrestrial, Extradimensional, Atlantean, Vampire, etc.), or Exotic Training (Martial Artist, Mystic, etc.) type of origin. If you’re having trouble coming up with a character concept, consider a character related to, or inspired by one of Emerald City’s World War II era Heroes the Victory Squadron.

All PCs should either be natives to Emerald City, recent arrivals, or visitors willing to relocate. They should also all be willing to join an official super-team. On both points, some role-playing the need for a character to be convinced is fine, so long as it’s kept to a fun duration for everyone. In other words, don’t design an out-of-town, unlikable, lone wolf character, and expect me to come up with why that character would be part of the team. It is each player’s responsibility to come up with a character that is willing to participate in the game.

Starting characters are Power Level 10, and may be created from scratch as per the Mutants & Masterminds 3rd edition rules, via the Quickstart Character Generator, or by selecting an Archetype from the Mutants & Masterminds 3rd ed. Heroes Handbook.

In any case, I would like characters to be fairly standard super-hero types. Having a humorous character is OK, but I prefer to not drift into parody, such as The Tick, or Freakazoid. At the same time, I don’t want grimdark like Watchmen, Dark Knight Returns, or The Killing Joke either. I’m looking for 70s-80s Marvel comics, DC Animation series and movies from the 90s to today, and Marvel films like Avengers, and Guardians of the Galaxy for the feel of the campaign. Serious, but not grim, and with humor, but not slapstick is the range I’m looking for.

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